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Saturday, October 07, 2006

51 2 33!!!

Just wanted to log in and say 51 to 33!!! YAY!!!!

Have I mentioned I'm a huge college football fan? Well I witnessed the best game ever tonight and I had no one to share it with. It was ok though. After that last post I am sure you all realize I needed some serious down time and alone time with myself. That game was hugely therapeutic!

Hubby and I went out with a friend for lunch this afternoon and I pointed out at 4:30 that I had to be taken back to the house for the football game (Apparently hubby and his buddy missed that seminar before birth in which all boys are instructed to love sports with a passion.... I seemingly snuck into that seminar by mistake! lol). Both boys rolled their eyes and dutifully dropped me off at home while they went over to play PS2 on the big screen tv. Everyone else in the house had vacated early this morning for a marching band competition in another county that would prove to occupy them until nearly midnight. I donned my orange sweats, grabbed the cordless phone, remote, a soda, and a book for halftime, and snuggled into the lazy boy with a blanket to enjoy the show. Other than the brief phone calls to update the fans at the competition and to calmly explain to my hubby that this was a crucial game against an undefeated, higher ranking team, and that disturbing me during that time would set forth a cataclismic force sure to unbalance the forces of heaven and earth, I was undisturbed and cranked up the volume in all of it commentating bliss! It was beautiful! I thought for sure after the first quarter we were doomed for our second loss of the season. My boys rallied back though with all the might they could muster and went on to slaughter the opposition!!!!!

Have I mentioned I love football???


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