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My hubby and I have been married for four years and wanted children the day we said "I do." We both have a passion for helping children and cannot wait to have a family of our own. Unfortunately, it isn't as easy as the health teacher said it was...

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

La Dee Da

Well, not much to say about today. I got a late start again today. I'm sure that has a lot to do with AF pretending to visit again. I rearranged furniture today, argued with hubby, went a few rounds with Mom... pretty typical day.

I do have to tell ya about the cat though. I have a cat. My boss and I found him in the cardboard compactor at my old job. Four days of coaxing and we finally caught him in a trap that the humane society let us borrow. Two years later he is a spoiled rotten kitty. He loves to taunt the dogs. We have two tiny pooches one of whom is a total crybaby.

Anyhoo, Kitty went a bit nuts tonight. He is usally the laziest feline that has ever set foot on Earth but tonight, be it a new cat food we started giving him or the weather change or whatever, he went nuts. His first victim was a plastic grocery bag that had gotten left in the kitchen floor with a can inside to weight it down. Apparently the handles of said bag had wronged him in some unforgivable fashion and justice had to be served. Poor bag never saw it coming.

A little while later I went in to the living room to watch tv and the pooch brings me his squeaky toy to throw (He's like a nympho except with fetch) and I threw it into the kitchen where the cat happened to be perched victoriously bathing after the bag incident. The cat sandwiched the toy between himself and the stove. Now understand that this pooch has a wonderful fetish for the cat's whiskers and for whatever reason chews them off at any opportunity. Pooch walks to the doorway and Kitty lunges for him. Pooch runs to mommy. This went on for a bit and Kitty walked around the corner out of sight. Of course Pooch takes the chance to get his squeaky and sneaks ever so cautiously to the door. WHAM! Kitty comes out of NOwhere! He pounces his prey and as poor Pooch runs over to me, Kitty once again bathes himself victoriously. It was a sight to see! Had to be there! Funniest thing ever!

Told ya it was a boring day....

Tell me bout your interesting pet follies. Tomorrow looks a little dull too....


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